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20 foods that will last forever in your Prepper Pantry


Mr Mannn:

Ya know I'm having fun stocking up. I want to be a real prepper now.

old dog 2:
Many of these items will do better if vacuum sealed and a moisture absorber in the bag.  Mylar bags don't work with many vacuum sealers.  I've had good luck with an Entridge vacuum sealer and textured polyethylene bags.  I've been vacuum sealing flour, powdered milk, powdered eggs, powdered buttermilk, dried fruit, beans, rice .... for weeks.  My step daughter got me into it.  She's financing it while working in NYC, I'm the cheap labor in New Mexico.  Don't forget an alternate power source to cook all the stuff, guns for just in case.  Never, never discuss with friends, acquaintances or co-workers.  You might be faced with the choice of feeding them (and all who WILL follow) or shooting them.  Not a situation I want to be in. 


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