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Electrical work: Gotta love WAGOs!!


When I started college, I began life as an EET.  Took a few semesters of it, before I was forced to take a programming class (required for all EETs at my school).  I was nervous as hell!  Didn't think I could do it.  Broke out into cold sweats on day one, changed my major to programming by the last day.  Totally fell in love with it.

Anyway, although I'm no EET, I have a solid enough education in electricity that I do my own electrical work (AC and DC) when needed.  As far as home wiring goes, I HATE wire nuts with a burning passion.  Then I stumbled across these little guys a while ago, and they changed my life.  Half of my home is wired with WAGO 221's. 

If any of you enjoy doing your own electrical work, you're welcome:

DLR Pyro:
We used Wago connectors extensively on the air launch fireworks system at Disneyland and still use them at Anaheim stadium for quick wire connectors when I need to extend wires on devices we are shooting that need extensions to our existing firing infrastructure. 

They are very handy and dependable for wire connections.

I'm just a hack at home, but I've used the Wago systems especially of late. for example, plugging two lights into an attic space that had none, and tying into a receptacle that faced toward the finished part of the 2nd floor. Worked OK, but I could have used a deeper electrical box....

And, I have to admit, I have a boatload of wire nuts and I'll likely use those for smaller projects.


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