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The Cleveland Guardians? The team settled for safe and boring

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Drafe Hoblin:
Oh-oh...  That puts a freeze on merchandise.

But not on the merchandisers, who can go 'second party' and sell their stocks of apparel at collector-prices.  The team gets nothing.  I think that's how it works. 

Muddling 2:
I'd personally prefer "The Cleveland Ballers".


old dog 2:
I've never seen any bona fide Native American Indian who is offended by the names of sports teams.  They're all virtue signaling white people who rarely attend sporting events.  Some people just can't mind their own f-ing business.

Couple of things. #1, go on Youtube and look up 10 cent beer night and have a good laugh at the Indians expense(this puts the Eagles snowballs at Santa story to shame) and #2, they nearly went the Redskins route and called themselves the Cleveland Baseball Team. But supposedly the Guardians was born out of the Major League movie where they're called guardians of something or other.

Cleveland "Guardians" missed the playoffs and on the golf course. Atlanta Braves playing in the World Series so suck on that "woke" baseball fans.  :bird:


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