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Banned from Conservative Cave for SPAM


DLR Pyro:
Periodically I get this screen when trying to access the Cave on my Android phone.  It randomly occurs and eventually goes away.  It happened again last night after I had been on the site about 15 minutes earlier and still shows me "banned" this morning.

I don't have any problems accessing the site on my Win 10 PC even thought I'm supposedly banned.  Anyone else see this on their phones?

I rarely ever use my phone, but I just tried it and was able to log in and go to several of the restricted forums with no problem.

DLR Pyro:
I can get in on my phone if I open an incognito window with chrome, but not with a regular chrome window

I never use my phone to access CC. I use my phone as a phone. Probably weird that way, but oh well.


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