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Thanks Conservative Cave ...

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Wow!  Thanks for checking me out & letting me in!

Especially in of all places, "The Bar" LOL ...  :cheersmate:

Am a retired, ultra conservative, married female. Born in England, grew up in Canada, & became a delighted Naturalized Citizen of the USA  in 1980.
Have no idea how to get around much in here at the moment, but am determined to do so & will!

Today was both a very sad (but not surprising)  & also*happy* day for me.  Sad because of the garbage that went down in the House today, & happy to be able to be in here with likeminded people!

DLR Pyro:

Hell's bells!

Need to get myself cloned ... am checking in here while watching the post mortems of today's disgusting historic event on TV.

Forgot to say that I hope this was the proper place to introduce myself. If not ... please excuse!

Thanks ~ ABC-2

Welcome, and I apologize that it's slow here. 

Most long-time members log in, and then open another window to go about their usual internet roamings, checking back here every so often to see if something new's been put up.

No point in just logging in, and sitting around waiting for something to happen.

The newest posts are near the bottom of the first page, so one doesn't miss anything.

conservativecave used to pop like popcorn, a heyday that lasted about ten years, after which members began wandering away.  No particular reason, no big blow-up, just a natural evolution as people and their internet habits changed.

In my own instance, franksolich was once the most active poster here, but real life interrupted, and I had to curtail posting down to nearly nothing.

But who knows; things are always evolving, always changing.  There's no reason this can't be hyperactive again.

DumbAss Tanker:
Hey, ABC, thanks for coming over!  Nice to see you here.


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