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Is it possible for one individual to sing all four ranges of voice, bass, tenor, alto, soprano?

Or might this be a fake?

It's too bad if it is, because otherwise I think it's the most hauntingly beautiful version of this piece of music by Palestrina that I've heard.

I'm hoping it's real.

Rare, but not unheard of, no pun intended

The short answer is yes.

This particular singer is singing parts that are not "far apart" (meaning in the tessitura). There is much interweaving between the upper voices, but they don't extend beyond an octave (seems to me -- I could be wrong).

There are many countertenors that can and do sing in this range. His bass voice is not terribly low in the tessitura either -- I found myself singing his lowest note, which my ear tells me is a great C (second space in the bass clef). Operatic bass singers extend well below the bass clef and do so powerfully.

He's a young man and as we all know, the younger males are, the higher (generally) they can sing. That's why Billy Joel, for one, changed keys of some of his songs he recorded 30-40 years ago to a lower key that he can now sing in.


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