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It's Friday Night...what are you up to??

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--- Quote from: Flame on January 04, 2008, 07:23:18 PM ---My boys are early risers, no matter what time they go to bed, although they ARE getting better at sleeping in.
My 7 yr old is usually up by 7 every day, no matter what.  He scared the crap outta me over Christmas break when he was sick.  I woke up at9, and he was still asleep!  I had to go check and see if he as still breathing, because he's NEVER in bed that late!

--- End quote ---

I've had those mornings.     :(

Miss Mia:
I'm home from work.  I got CSI on and I'm exhausted.  I stayed up way to late last night watching the pundits talk about Iowa.  I was crazy busy at work today too. 

I saw my boss for the first time in the 3.5 years I've worked there, get totally pissed and go off on someone.  Damn, I'm glad it wasn't me, and damn I ain't ever pissing her off.  Our warranty clerk totally screwed up and is in the shit hole for a while.

For tonight, I'm going to try and not get sucked into the internets too much tonight and go to bed a little earlier.

Everyone sleeping now?

My brats are asleep and I'm not tired..sigh

Attero Dominatus:
Just writing and listening to heavy metal music here

I'll probably hit the sack soon myself. I'm beat.


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