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Happy Friday

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Lord Undies:
I must take a shower today.  Sick and cold yesterday, so no time never got out of my long flannel robe.  No better today.  I have no energy.  

It's like I'm standing in an aisle of the world's theater, watching life being played on the stage, and the thin ashen finger of death is tapping me on the shoulder wanting me to move out of the way.  Fire codes, you know.  No blocking the aisles.  

Today's deep thought:  Saturdays

I tend to cocoon on weekends, starting on Saturday.  It use to be a wonderful day.

Cheer up Undies and feel better  :-*


--- Quote from: MASHLover on January 04, 2008, 09:54:20 AM ---Sitting here finishing up a laptop reload, gotta love it LOL

Cold here but supposed to warm up to the 50's by sunday and melt all this snow we have just to turn around and snow again eventually.

Gotta love Ohio in the winter LOL

--- End quote ---

Yep...that's Ohio allright and our forecast as well..should be near 60 by tomorrow or sunday. :o

Heavy rains here as well till Monday. My baby is sick with a bad cold, might have to take her to the doctor Monday.  :( Going to clean out a fridge, yay! I gotta find my ad on Craigs list for at home babysitting, I plan on starting a home daycare soon just as soon it is all legel and stuff. This way I can stay home with my baby, she gets the social stuff she needs, and I make money. Who can beat that? Anyway, my ad is not there and I might have to start a new one.

TOTD: Reading, playing with my daughter, spending time with my hubby, make my candles. Just relax.  :cheersmate:


--- Quote from: Celtic Rose on January 04, 2008, 09:21:16 AM ---Hello all!  Today is the board's first Friday, so lets start off strong!

It is raining pretty hard here, with heavy rains.  You'd think that we were expecting Noah's flood from the News Reports  :lmao:Nothing much exciting happening out here in Liberalville today.

TOTD:  What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday  :-*

--- End quote ---

I actually have to work Saturday, for about an hour.  Then it's back to the kids.


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