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Happy Friday

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Celtic Rose:
Hello all!  Today is the board's first Friday, so lets start off strong!

It is raining pretty hard here, with heavy rains.  You'd think that we were expecting Noah's flood from the News Reports  :lmao:Nothing much exciting happening out here in Liberalville today.

TOTD:  What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday  :-*

Happy Friday.

I'm hanging out at home, waiting for the vet to call.

I'm happy today...Mr Flame gets off work 2 hours early today!  :bday:

I really should do some laundry, but don't feel like it.

TOTD:  I like to just hang out with the family, either at home, or out somewhere...just together.

Still cold here, but supposed to warm up to near 60  by tomorrow. Global warming has arrived! :cheersmate:

TOTD: Depends on the season. In the winter I like to go to the movies or have lunch and shopping with a friend or my daughter. I wish I could get used to the cold enough to do winter sports, but I just can't get used to cold in the house, let alone out.

In the summer, I love to be outside--meals outside, playing outside with the kids, parks, hiking, etc. I hate being in the house in the summer.

Sitting here finishing up a laptop reload, gotta love it LOL

Cold here but supposed to warm up to the 50's by sunday and melt all this snow we have just to turn around and snow again eventually.

Gotta love Ohio in the winter LOL

It is cold here, but sunny. We've still got workers painting the trim and woodwork (doors, etc), but the chaos is at a minimum.

TOTD: Hanging out with the family/kids. In the colder months, we like to lounge around the house watching movies (if we're not doing a "household" project  :hyper: ). In the summer, it's just busier.

Celtic Rose, where are you, in Liberalville?


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