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The judge is a Marine, too

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Remember that lawyer that keyed the Marine's car?

Well, the case got to court, and the presiding judge is a Marine, too.

As any Marine will tell you, you are forever a Marine.

The defendant was late, and the judge let him have it:

The Judge asked him if he had committed the specific acts he was accused of. The defendant hemmed and hawed, and the Judge raised his voice to make him say yes or no. The defendant agreed, and the Judge read the facts into the record. Several times, the Judge said if there were no deal, he would be given a court date just like any other defendant, and he could try and make bail soon.

The deal: 1 year Social Service Supervision, restitution of 600 dollars to be paid to Social Services and which would go to the Injured Marine Semper Fi fund, to be paid by February 25th, 2008, and $50/month in supervision fees.

The Judge then, in as angry a voice as I have ever heard him use, scolded the defendant, saying that the Marine license plates the complaining witness had were not vanity plates or about ego, but the proceeds go toward the Marine and Navy scholarship fund for the children of fallen soldiers, sailors and marines. These Marines protect his very existence "so people like you can enjoy their freedom." He further said that the reason there were so many in the courtroom and so much public interest is that the Marines have a tradition since 1775 that "No Marine gets left behind." Several Hoorahs in the courtroom.

I guess my bad wasn't going to work?

That lawyer is a freaking loser.  He is ever so lucky he didn't end up in traction over that kind of B.S.

Lord Undies:
It was a good day in America.  I think a HBO movie should be in the works. 


--- Quote from: mamacags on January 19, 2008, 11:46:56 AM ---That lawyer is a freaking loser.  He is ever so lucky he didn't end up in traction over that kind of B.S.

--- End quote ---

No he's fortunate that the Marine had better sense than to kick a pile of shit and get it on his boots.  :-)


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