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Authorities Optimistic in Search for Mother of 2 Believed Abducted From Florida


NORTH PORT, Fla. —  Charlotte County authorities on Saturday continued to search for a 21-year-old woman they believe was abducted from her home.

Denise Amber Lee is thought to have been taken on Thursday from North Port, where her husband found their two young children alone in the home.

Later Thursday, authorities arrested Michael Lee King, 37, who they believe snatched Lee, the daughter of a Charlotte County sheriff's lieutenant. But there has been no sign of her.

"The mood of the searchers remains optimistic," said Police Chief Terry Lewis of the Sarasota Sheriff's Office. "The way you do this is like you are looking for your own daughter. No one is discouraged."

Authorities said King was evoking his right to remain silent and was not cooperating with police.,2933,324048,00.html


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