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The DUmpster / Re: Democrat Media Versus Republican Media
« Last post by diesel driver on Today at 05:38:38 AM »
As a child growing up, I got pissed at the newscasters of the day (I'm talking early 70's here) who would come on after the president or some other prominent politician was on TV, telling ME what was said!  Like I didn't understand English!  REALLY?  So at the tender age of 10, I already knew these pompous asses reading the news thought I had the intelligence of pond scum, when in truth, it was them.

As I matured, my views became more and more conservative.  Growing up on a dairy farm, we had various regulations we had to follow, most were just plain common sense, others were obviously written by some over-educated idiot who had no idea which end of a cow got the hay bale and which end needed the shovel. 

Let me be the first to welcome you to Conservative Cave.  We don't ban or block people here for having a different opinion, but if you act like the sub-humans at the Dump, you demise may be as glorious as it will be brief. 
The Master Baiters got outfoxed by the Master Negotiator. :whistling:
The DUmpster / Democrat Media Versus Republican Media
« Last post by KnowThyself on Today at 04:19:20 AM »
Please look this up for me, because I don't know what is right and wrong for sure? I hear things from both sides, and I just don't know what to believe? Sometimes I believe Republicans, and Sometimes I believe the Democrats. My Democratic friends constantly say that the media lies, and Fox News lies, and blah, blah blah, and then tells me things, but they don't really make any sense, or any moral sense. Of course Fox News has its biased opinions just like the other side, but it doesn't seem that bad. Ever since I was a little kid, and I'm currently 31 years old. I always grew up with ABC, NBC, and CBS news. Whether it was in the morning or at night, and believed every word that I herd on the basic television sets. As I got in my teens my parents got cable, or satellite television, and I got to watch other shows such as Disney, and mtv, and things of that nature. As I got in my later teens and early 20's I started to listen more to my uncle, whom was more Conservative, and listened to people such as Rush Limbaugh, and Hannity. As a young kid in today's society I started to realize that the truth was probably some where in between. Because in my eyes not one news organization was completely honest and truthful, but was biased in some way-shape-or form. I'm a poet and a philosopher. I'm also a perfectionist. I'm a deep thinker, and I enjoy studying things in general, including myself, and my surroundings. Certain things that I believe are true in life are this, and you can believe them or not, and I completely respect you for them either way what you do, and I ask the same respect in return please; Most of thee media is controlled by the Liberal Democrats. That means Magazines(which a lot of women look at), Newspapers(which are aimed at the older people), the internet(which is aimed at younger kids), Movies(which are aimed at all of society younger children and older), Television shows such as MTV and 16 and pregnant(are you cool or not? don't you want to fit in?), and the major television shows that anyone in America gets in general which are; ABC, CBS, and NBC, and yet for some reason even though time and time again seem to be believed as trusted television news, which blows my mind, because after them comes their cable little affiliates such as CNN, CNBC, MSNBC. There is an old saying, and it goes "People tend to become like the people, places, and things that they surround themselves with. So my advice you to thee American people is this! If you wish to actually think for yourselves, then buy cable or satellite tv, and watch Fox News, because I can guarantee you for being a Poet and Philosopher, a black sheep most of my life, not being accepted by either party politically, or anyone in general in my life, that the Democrats are a lot more Evil than the Republicans are in general. But that's your choice?
What does White Privilege exactly mean to you? I'm guessing you're a tree hugging hippie liberal, that believe in global warming, and abortion? Maybe you can go murder some more innocent children?

Not all White people are Racist what-So Ever, just like not all Black people are Racist!!!!!!!!!! you stupid idiot! If you vote for the Democrats! the ones that are politically correct, then if you're white you're not racist. Please, if you don't believe me, test this theory out, for I can gurantee you I have alot more street smarts then you ever will, for I have eaten out of soup kitchens and lived in group homes! It's not only on the rich and famous and powerful level but also the street level, u moron! The Democrats only push that if you're a White Republican then you're automatically a Racist no matter what you say or do! That's political correctness truth for you, if you can ever comphrehend it?

@butch....................Do you only quote other people, or can you actually think up anything for yourself? lol. It's ok, most Democrats are simply people that fall in line, and easily told what to do, and can't think for themselves. I don't blame you, but I still won't support your thought or ideas because you can't think of anything original. lol.
The DUmpster / Catfish
« Last post by KnowThyself on Today at 03:45:13 AM »
I love eating catfish personally, but in today's modern day society everything has a word, or a term, or a specific thing about it.
On MTV there is a show called Catfish: The TV Show
Now I've been on and off dating websites for the past 10 years any time I've been single. I've never cheated and don't believe in it personally. I've herd on free dating websites, aswell as paid ones, what Catfish means as far as a man. Basically it's a man that either cheats or plays women for sex. Does anyone else wonder why this sort of thing comes from places like MTV? You might aswell call it MTV Liberal materialism for children and people under 30, because ultimately that is what it is. So to all of you ladies and women and girls out there, if you want a real man, or a man that isn't going to abuse you in any way, or cheat on you, or lie to you, statistically and mathematically you should chose a Republican guy over a guy that votes liberal or for Democrats. Would you rather have someone like Bill Clinton as a husband that is a Democrat(that has raped a lot of women, and it is proven that he has, and has also basically been a non-monogamous swinger in office)? or a Republican that normally supports the American dream of a wife an kids, and honesty?
The DUmpster / Another dying DUmpmonkie... TMN.
« Last post by dutch508 on Today at 01:32:25 AM »
TheMastersNemesis (9,181 posts)

Now That I Have Been Diagnosed W/A Medical Situation That Leaves Future In Some Doubt ----
wondering if I will live beyond Trump's hateful presidency. Watching all this hateful crap and all the lies is even more stressful.

At least I have decent health insurance. In the last four years I lost my foot to staff. My wife had her hip replaced the next year. This year she was diagnosed with a heart problem. The medical problems are bad enough but seeing these terrible elections is really just as bad in many ways. I really feel for others who don't have any insurance.

I feel so sad and angry at this terrible spectacle. As a vet I hate to see all this destruction and the ABUSE of our troops as props. Pence is such an evil shithead. That clip in Israel is just sickening.

Fifty years ago I was in Vietnam with the 1st Calvary. Looking back I would have never believed back then that our county could possibly elect such gang of despicable POS who are dismantling and destroying everything the US has built up. That neonazism, racism, hatred, bigotry, misogyny would infest the land like maggots..

What are our veterans risking their lives for right now? Where is the rage against Ryan & McConnel who are grinning over their supposed victory on the shut down. Their antics are going to kill many Americans in the end.

What has happened to us that we would support deporting 700,000 Dreamers who did not violate the law. We make them double victims. Where are the tar and feathers. What can we do to punish these creeps?

Of course we must win big in November. But we also know that the rich will put billions into the election, the Russians will be allowed to spread their mayhem far and wide, and the GOP and it racial hatred machine will be purging, cheating and threatening anyone who appose them. And the churches will politic from every pulpit like foxes screw.

i am not in a very good mood tonight. Of course i can be accused of never being in a good mood probably.

You and Omaha Steve in the race to the finish!


Star Member BigmanPigman (10,003 posts)

1. I am in the same club (except for the $/health insur and bills).

However, my anger energizes me to be active and fight the GOP harder as long as I can. If it is only by making phone calls and writing letters that is better than nothing. Do whatever you can do financially and physically. It helps me (mentally and emotionally) by helping US to defeat THEM.

Three Way DUmpmonkie death race!  :yahoo:

TheMastersNemesis (9,181 posts)

10. The Bottom Line Is We Are All In This Mess Together.

What has been difficult for me is having to witness the slow dismantling of the underpinnings of our country since Ronald Reagan. Because I worked at DOL in various programs it is easier for me to recognize things that the general public has no idea about. Each election cycle I could see key saboteurs being in power. The GOP has undermined so much in 30 plus years.

What we have today has been a well orchestrated plan. Trump and his gang are the final result of so much of our previous history. What has me so aghast is that the American people have fallen for so much of the GOP lies through previous decades.

I have been looking for turn around that will end the GOP. From my view the GOP is far worse than anyone right now can imagine.


TheMastersNemesis (9,181 posts)

22. It Is My Hope Too. Witnessing All Of This Carnage Hard Enough.

The medical situation just adds to it.

I agree that we are in a dangerous situation. The GOP in the end is just as ruthless as the Nazis were. In the end they will show their real and true nature. We see only a glimpse of how evil they really are.

There is very little coverage of the terrorism going on with immigrations. We have OUR gulags right now under the radar. very little coverage is coming out on the stories of the suffering and misery of individual people. The MSM is just saying all the same generic bull and covering for these goons.

McDonnell and Ryan are deadly sociopaths. No doubt about it. Their intentions and tactics are very malevolent.


TheMastersNemesis (9,181 posts)

23. Being A Veteran It Is Easy To Recognize A Deadly Enemy. The GOP Is Worse Than Bag Of Deadly Snakes.


Star Member Eliot Rosewater (10,989 posts)

Dont all white Americans benefit to one degree or another from white privilege?
Last edited Sun Jan 21, 2018, 07:13 PM - Edit history (1)

If so, and if that privilege, no matter how big or small, is a by product of institutional racism...then...

Isnt racism a problem ALL white Americans must address?


Star Member FarPoint (6,762 posts)

1. I never focused on that... beyond my control.

I do and always defended, supported equal rights for all....

That's right. ALL white people are racist... even if they are not.

Star Member handmade34 (14,737 posts)

8. yes and yes....

race is a social and political construct and it's time to confront that

Confronting it is like trying to ask fish to confront water. Or an entrepreneur to confront the damage and inequality that is a necessary consequence of unfettered capitalism. Too often, the response is a personal one. We rationalise a defense on the basis of personal experience. Say something like “I worked really hard to be where I am.”


Sports / Favorite Teams!?
« Last post by KnowThyself on Today at 12:25:11 AM »
What are your favorite sports teams and why?

Growing up, I use to collect basketball cards. After Jordan left, I was getting older anyways, and lost interest for basketball. Why do most Chicago teams seem to always disperse their teams after they win a major championship?

I like baseball. I really like the Chicago Cubbies, and have since I was like 10 years old.
My grandpa liked them, and that's why I started rooting for them. If it wasn't for my grandpa, I wouldn't watch baseball or any of the big mainstream sports, because in today's world they just seem to have so many problems such as cheating, guns, gang related players, steroids, and so much corruptness that I'd rather just not have to watch that crap or support them. A lot of the players out there are never happy with the millions that they make and are greedy and always want more! And one of the worst parts is that they sit there and complain about it like little whiney babies. Just go out and do your job, and play the sport! Do it for the love of the game! for the fans! At what point did it only become about just the money!? You don't need to do a huge dance or celebrate every time you do your job, and make a good or descent play. Not every time!? Occasionally is one thing, but common! It's just gotten to the point where it's pathetic!

I also like tennis. Rafael Nadal(Rafa) is my favorite player of all time. He is a very honorable player, and respectful to his opponents and to the crowd, and he has a no quit, never give up type attitude! When I played tennis I tried to always hit just one more shot, to make my opponent play at least one more shot. Sometimes they would miss an easy shot. Tennis players overall percentage wise don't get hardly anything compared to other sports with money. In tennis, if you're not thee elite of the elite, it's hard to make a living in the sport. I'm talking top 50-100 in the world! In most other sports you can be ranked 100 and still make hundreds of thousands per year if not millions.
All Things Edible (and how to prepare them) / When You Cook?
« Last post by KnowThyself on Today at 12:10:38 AM »
When you cook, do you prefer to be alone, or do you mind other people in the room?

For me, I don't mind other people, but I definitely cook faster, and get a lot more enjoyment out of it when I'm alone in the kitchen. Cooking helps me slow down my mind, and is one of the other things that can help me think less, and isn't complicated, and I really enjoy doing it. When I'm done making something I get a sense of accomplishment, even if it doesn't taste the best or not. I've always baked and cooked a little, but recently here have tried getting into it even more so.
Introductions & Subsequent Welcomes / Hello
« Last post by KnowThyself on Today at 12:04:59 AM »
New to this forum. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi to everyone.
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