Author Topic: CRE Troubles: US Office Space Set To Contract For First Time  (Read 137 times)

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CRE Troubles: US Office Space Set To Contract For First Time

The US has nearly 1 billion square feet of empty office space, according to commercial real estate services company JLL. Things could worsen in the CRE market (mainly office) in the coming quarters due to the Federal Reserve's 16 months of aggressive interest rate hikes. This will continue to pressure property owners who have built their real estate empires on a mountain of debt, potentially triggering a wave of delinquencies and defaults due to high borrowing costs. All this is happening when the office sector is already struggling with reduced demand due to the proliferation of remote work, as well as some companies fleeing progressive metro areas because of soaring violent crime.

The latest sign the office sector has not hit bottom and values unlikely to return to pre-pandemic peaks this decade is the total amount of US office space is set to decline for the first time in history, according to Bloomberg, citing new data from JLL.

A lack of new construction and a plethora of aging office space being repurposed or destroyed will lower the amount of office space, according to Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. Less than 5 million square feet (465,000 square meters) of new offices broke ground in the US so far this year, while 14.7 million square feet has been removed, often to be converted into buildings for other uses.

This means demolitions and conversions of these worthless assets are underway to correct the supply imbalance.

Really startling in regards to commercial space. Many commercial spaces hare empty. Some are being repurposed or destroyed.

Parts of San Francisco have been transformed into a ghost town as office vacancy rates soar.

Many downtown districts across major cities in the US are effectively ghost towns as office vacancy rates soar. This has rippled across local communities, forcing retail shops to close because of declining foot traffic.

In Baltimore City's Inner Harbor district, things are so bad that office towers are being dumped at massive losses or reassessed at half the values.
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Re: CRE Troubles: US Office Space Set To Contract For First Time
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Another statistic that will be buried in an effort to make Biden's economy look good.