Author Topic: I wanna make some chicken soup.  (Read 8869 times)

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I wanna make some chicken soup.
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:36:35 PM »
I am really sick. But I had to go to the store today. so I got Swanson chicken stock, and roast chicken pieces.
The stock is in a box container, it is liquid with a resealable lid.

I like the chicken and rice soup where there is more rice than soup. and that is what I want here.
I have a rice maker, so I may make the rice separately, and add as needed.

Its nice simple...hard to go wrong. But I got lentils too. mainly cause I never had lentils before. The store manager stopped by because I was staring at the soup stock. Once he understood that i had no idea what I was doing , he went and got the store chef.

I was looking at all the dry beans and the chef said those go best with a pork stock. The barley fillers I was looking at go best with beef stock, and that was included in the box.
He did suggest I add carrots and celery to my chicken soup. He also said if I was up to it to add a bit of onion. My dried shredded onion (I already have it) seasoning would do well there.

Has anyone here made soup? I'm thinking I better stick with basic stuff since I am sick.
But I do have the urge to experiment now.