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The first thing to obtain via download from the internet is Malwarebytes Malware remover available at  Download the program, install it, upgrade it (for new definitions since its release). You can run this normally, but I recommend that it be run in Safe Mode (press F8 after Power On Self Test). The reason why is because some viruses hide in a part of the hard drive not accessible in the normal user/ admin mode.

Next, one of the many good anti-virus programs is Avast! It can be obtained from: Here Again, download it, install it, update it, register it (it requires registration for a free one year license) and run it. Again, Safe mode is your friend. ;)

Finally, because not everything catches everything, I would recommend that one go grab a copy of Spybot Search & Destroy spyware remover  Download it, install it, upgrade it and run it.

All of those SHOULD get rid of any nasty bugs that a person may catch. These are not guaranteed, but they are MY choices for virus removal tools.

Also, please note, one may need to boot into safe mode with networking (XP and newer) if the normal log on won't allow you to go to those sites. I'm pretty sure that Malwarebytes & Avast will install in Safe mode. Once installed they will run. A last chance effort may require you to download these programs from a different computer, burn them to CD (or DVD, if that's all you have) and run the install on the affected computer from the cd. You may or may not be able to upgrade them, but at a minimum, run them.

The information here is extremely valueble. MalwareBytes saved me a lot of trouble that I would have otherwise had to go the long way around the barn. I forgot to run it in safe mode, but it looks like I only had a few simple viruses. My computer is even faster. I love it.

Malware Bytes, as mentioned is a good program to keep around and updated.  The virus you're dealing with is a tough one and there are two more progs I would recommend you download and run;

Super Antispyware

That one found several things Malware Bytes missed on a virus I was working on the other day.


That one will clean up several things including your registry.

This link is to a page that explains the virus you probably had.  There is a small program on there called that you should download and keep on a flash drive.  The site will tell you what it does but basically because these 'Ransomware' progs won't let you run executables in many instances this installs and runs an executable from a web site and it kills all the processes the virus is running.  Handy tool to have;

Hope that helps you.  Sounds like you may have gotten it but sometimes these things stay on for a bit .... hiding from you.

You can also search your hard drive for tssd.exe .... nasty bugger.


Thor, you might want to put that information about rkill over here too.


Does anyone have any recommendations on a good registry mechanic?

Free if possible.


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