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SSG Snuggle Bunny:
POLITICAL AMMUNITIONAll General Board Rules apply here.

We've all found articles, videos and whatnot that suport our position in an dialogue. Many times the subject has come back at a later time and there is a mad scramble to re-find the source. The Ammunition Dump is intended to be a central repository of all such evidence.

Remember, the intent is to be able to be able find your thread months from now. Start your thread title with a general subject in all caps then offer a more specific sub-title. For example:

IRAQ WAR: David Kay - What We Did Find
ABORTION: Margret Sanger, Eugenicist
VIETNAM: Tet Destroyed VC

Your evidence is pointless if it cannot be traced back to its source. To bolster your evidence--not to mention give credit where credit is due--it is imperative that you provide links.

If you are adding to a body of evidence ask yourself if it directly relates to a thread already started or if what you have to offer deserves its own thread. You may have an excellent video about debunking 9/11 conspiracies that segues well with a thread already started, but if someone wanted to find your video would they remember it was part of the other thread or should you start your own thread and link back to it in the previous thread?

This is not a debate forum. Don't reply to a thread with an argument, worse, insult. If you have an article, video etc that refutes something already posted in this forum do not add it to the thread you wish to dispute just start your own thread. For example, suppose someone starts a thread stating memos have been found showing President Bush was derelict in his flight duties. It would be inappropriate to the nature of this forum to refute it in that thread; instead, it would be better to start a seperate thread detailing the forensic evidence that shows the memos to have been forged.

As evidences both pro and con are posted please feel free to actually argue the merits of your given posuitions in one of the many other more appropriate forums.

Link to General Board Rules.


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