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US Restaurants, Bars Are Falling on Hard Times Because of Bidenomics


US Restaurants, Bars Are Falling on Hard Times Because of Bidenomics

--- Quote ---Like a lot of folks, my wife and I enjoy a good restaurant meal. In fact, one of my bucket-list items is to become a Tokyo Ramen King, which requires one to eat a ramen bowl in each of Tokyo's 23 city wards (it's a completely unofficial title, but I still plan to do it). Every Saturday, we enjoy lunch in a lodge to the north, which is on pretty safe ground, businesswise, due to a healthy summer tourist trade and its location right on the Parks Highway.

But in many parts of the United States, restaurants, especially small, locally owned ones, are suffering under inflation and Bidenomics:

Visits to sit-down restaurants were down nearly five percent in 2023 from the year prior, according to location analytics firm

Even big metropolitan areas in the US known for their great dining spots are struggling to maintain an environment where it's profitable to run a restaurant.

Eater NY reported that over 40 bars and restaurants closed in New York City from December 2023 to January 2024, with some of the owners saying business simply never picked up after the COVID lockdowns in 2020.
--- End quote ---

Restaurants and bars are closing left and right. It is due to inflation and Bidenomics.


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