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USB-C will be mandatory for phones sold in the EU ‘by autumn 2024’


I saw a few headlines about this, thought "typical EU overreach" but this one had a subheadline that got the mental gears turning

--- Quote ---A major blow to Apple’s Lightning port
--- End quote ---

I'm not an Apple fan, mostly just cause I don't care for the interface or their push to do EVERYFREAKINTHING through iSomethingorother.  But there could be some interesting technical repercussions that will affect us as well, since I don't see Apple or anyone else making EU only charging capable phones if they don't have too.  (Yes, Europeans get dual-SIM options we don't, another can of worms there)

--- Quote ---Rapporteur Saliba added: “In two years’ time, if Apple wants to sell their products within our internal market they have to abide by our rules, and their device will have to be USB-C.”

However, the EU’s press release says the new legislation applies to devices “that are rechargeable via a wired cable.” This means that Apple may be able to avoid adding USB-C to its devices by creating a phone that only charges wirelessly (as has been previously rumored). However, recent reports say the company is testing iPhones with USB-C internally, and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple could make the switch as early as next year. Apple already uses the USB-C standard on laptops and some tablets
--- End quote ---

A push to all wireless charging?  Not a big fan of that idea, personally. 

The law still has some approval steps to go through, have to wait and see what the final results are. 


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