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Mr Mannn:
I'm making my signature spaghetti.

1) Buy the cheapest spaghetti at HyVee. (99 cent package, makes two big meals)
2) Buy Ragu Roasted Garlic spaghetti sauce.
3) Go to MaidRite. Order a Megarite sandwich ($4). Fore those of you who don't know, Maidrite is too cheap to use hamburger patties, they just brown the beef. Also a mega sandwich, has twice the browned ground beef, a regular sandwich has. Important to know.
--I order it plain, just the meat and bread.
4) Go home, do the boiling water thing with the spaghetti.
5) scrape off all the ground beef from the sandwich into a 20 oz hefty paper bowl.
6) add the sauce until the bowl is full, stir and nuke.
7) strain the spaghetti, slap it on a plate, and add the sauce that is amazingly just enough. The buns from the sandwich are now dinner rolls.
8) serve with iced tea or Pepsi. Enjoy.

Lord Undies:
My son just called as he was merging on I-35 in Norman, OK. headed this way for the night (surprise!).  He is driving a Ryder rental truck in order to pick up a few things from the Alamo Dome in San Antonio to take back to Norman.  He wants me to cook.  He wants Salmon patties because that's what I was making the other night when he called and it made him have a craving.

So, I am making salmon patties AGAIN.  I will make french fries (homemade) and a salad.  That will have to do.  I am not in the mood to play Wolfgang Puck.  :yawn:

Pasta salad, with cucumbers and tomatos.  Simple tonight...we have practices to go to!

I had a grilled provolone and turkey pastrami panini with a lettuce/tomatoe salad.

We had homeade grilled venison Brat sausage patties on sourdough buns with sweet onions.  Good stuff!


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