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The King of Hafah


Articulate Ape:
In the land of Hafah a long time ago,
Lived a king that was feared wherever he'd go.
His enemies were worried and all wondered why,
None could defeat that Hafah King guy.

He had lopped many a head with his Hafah King sword ,
And he, Hafah King, demanded all call him Lord.
Then came a warrior both valiant and fit,
Saying he'd had enough of this Hafah King shit.

So he mounted his steed and rode toward the castle,
Vowing to end the Hafah King hassle.
But the people all knew as he rode out of sight,
That the tyrant would use all his Hafah King might.

The King of Hafah was ready indeed,
Waiting upon his own Hafah King steed.
"With my Hafah King sword I will end your life,
Then I will take your woman as my Hafah King wife."

"You, Hafah King, are a pain in the ass,"
"And I say you have no Hafah King class."
Said the warrior as he drew his very own blade,
"Just look at the Hafah King mess that you've made!"

So the two men they fought for two days and two nights,
And it was not like other Hafah King fights.
With a mighty swing of the warrior's sword,
He struck and lopped off the Hafah King gourd.

The moral of this tale should be clear to all,
That pride goes before the Hafah King fall.
So before you go 'round pressing your luck,
You'd do well to remember this Hafah King schmuck.


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