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Materialism of Technology


How far is too far? cloning animals? Cloning humans? Playing God? Oh wait! We already do that by allowing abortions.
My point is, that technology within medicine can be a great thing to a certain degree, but to what degree, I guess is my concern and question? At what point does morality come into play?
Chicago, Las Vegas, California. When you think of bigger cities in America what is the first thing that comes to mind?
For me it's political correctness, materialism, corruption, evil, sickness, crime, and the list goes on and on.
Ironically enough in most bigger cities around America they're pretty much controlled by the liberal Democrats.
Morality is knocking at your door, will you simply fall in line and be another drone in life and conform, or fight to do what is right in life? Only you can answer that my friend.

DumbAss Tanker:
Killer cyborg berserkers, clearly over the line.

I love technology, but I hate what it has become.  We've gone too far.  Much too far.  I fear we are doomed, as a race.


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