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Poldark from Masterpiece Theater on PBS



You can go to the link above to stream it from Episode 1,Season 1,to the most recent episode.

This,like most of what is produced by Masterpiece Theater,is one of the best historical dramas to be found,and it's free. I am watching season 3 now,and can't wait for the next episode to air.

The casting,acting,and writing is as good as anything you will find anywhere,and better than most. There is history,war,and even love and romance in it. Something for everyone. For any of you who might not know much about history,there are shocking lessons to be learned. If you don't already understand what drove so many to leave Europe and come to America,you WILL understand by the time season 1 ends. Life was short,hungry,and brutal for everyone but the nobility in the Olde World.

I recommend it to all. I was going to to write "I even recommend it to teens",but due to the history lessons and the doses of reality,I have decided to recommend it ESPECIALLY for viewing by teens after explaining to them that while it is fiction,it IS an accurate depiction of life in the 1700's-1800's in Europe for both the peasant (today's working classes) and the nobility (today's trust fund children).


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