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[1] Big brands feeling the pinch as inflated costs drive consumers away

[2] GDP growth slowed to a 1.6% rate in the first quarter, well below expectations

[3] Beige Book Reveals Economy In Far Worse Shape Than White House Claims

[4] Millions Of New Illegal Immigrants Mask True State Of US Economy

[5] Joe Biden’s America: Wealthiest 1% Set Record with $44 Trillion Total Net Worth

[6] California’s Deficit Is $222 Billion and the State is $1.6 Trillion in Debt

[7] Bidenflation Hits 18.0%, Hurting Americans

[8] These cities have the highest share of unaffordable neighborhoods in 2024

[9] BIDENOMICS: U.S. Housing Costs Now At Crisis Levels.


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