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Microsoft Email Scam hahahahaha


These people ... LOL

They've gotten really lazy.  Now they don't want to even call you on the phone and tell you there's something wrong with your computer.  Nope.  Now they want to send you this!  Enjoy.

--- Quote ---
FreeMicrosoft Windows Security Update

Dear Microsft User,

Hope you are doing good, and enjoying Windows computer.

This is email is sent to inform, that Microsoft has released a security update on October 1st, 2018. To ensure better Security on the following things.

1) Better Security on your facebook, emails, and other social profiles to ensure your  picture missuse.

2) Upgrade the 3rd Security layer encryption while you, use you do online banking banking, credit/debit card purchases etc.

Please click on the button bellow to update the securities.

Click Here To Update Security
If you have any Querries or after you have succesfully Downlaoded, the securities please do Call your

Micorosoft Account Manger  +1(213) 328 6177

to ensure the securities are

perfectly updated.
--- End quote ---



They misspelled "gooder."


--- Quote from: freedumb2003b on October 25, 2018, 06:08:18 PM ---They misspelled "gooder."

--- End quote ---

I know!  If they hadn’t misspelled that word, I’d have clicked the damn link.  :lmao:


Micorosoft Account Manger



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