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Raging mob set fire to the Guatemalan parliament and demand resignation of president after he slashes spending

HUNDREDS of protesters broke into Guatemala's parliament and set fire to it after MPs and the President slashed health spending.

Shocking pictures show flames shooting out of windows after the building was stormed by the mob furious at President Alejandro Giammattei.

The central American country has been devastated by coronavirus and back-to-back hurricanes and the president's health and education cuts enraged the public.

Guatemalans were also angered because MPs approved $65,000 to pay for meals for themselves, but cut funding for coronavirus patients.

Mobs set fire to the Guatemalan parliament after President Alejandro Giammattei cut funding to health and education spending.

The president said he had been meeting with various groups to present changes to the controversial budget.

Vice President Guillermo Castillo has offered to resign, telling Giammattei that both men should resign their positions “for the good of the country".

He also suggested vetoing the approved budget, firing government officials and attempting more outreach to various sectors around the country.
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