Author Topic: VIDEO: Pathetic Psyops Poll Attempt to Cause Split Between Trump and DeSantis  (Read 44 times)

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ONE, just ONE very dubious poll comes out showing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with more support from conservatives than President  Donald Trump. As revealed by Brian Craig, co-host of the Steve Kane Radio Show, this poll is very obviously a psyops attempt to pathetically try to produce a rift between Trump and Desantis. Of course, this absurd poll is now being hyped in a big way by "conservatives" who never really liked Trump as well as the usual suspects such as the Morning Joe crew who joyously leaped upon this PHONY poll like a starving dog snapping at raw meat as you can see.

What does it say about ANYBODY (Hello Buck Sexton!) who hypes this laughably PHONY poll whose psyops purpose is obviously to try to take Trump down?

Did I hear Joe Scarborough FART while laughing at the 5 second mark?