Author Topic: The R party is a far greater threat to democracy than any foreign power  (Read 125 times)

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The R party is a far greater threat to democracy than any foreign power

When I was younger I considered myself an independent. I think years ago the rethugs didn’t always march in lock step and occasionally liked someone in R party. But looking back they’ve been an evil element for a long time. They are always devicive, always using fear to further their goals. Not that long ago is was the commies and Russians. Now they think Russians are fine but still terrorize people with communism. I find that amusing, as much as one can be amused by those assholes.

I’ve always read a lot about WWII. Im reading a book now about the very early days, right after Pearl Harbor. There was a short period of unity for about two months before the rethugs started using the war to demonize Roosevelt and the Dems. But true to form they quickly tried to make political points with the war. US History tends to gloss this over and today’s rethugs would like to portray themselves as patriotic and unified Americans during the crisis. But back then they were more interested in their own agenda. How did they ever get away with appropriating “patriotism” as if it’s their main theme?


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2. Putin polled higher in popularity among Trump voters than Biden. Think about that. [nt]

it's a YOUGOV poll reported by MSNBC...


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3. Go ahead and ask yourself

What is their platform? What are they offering to the people? Anything?

All I see is obstruction from McConnell since 2010. That’s it. If Dems or Obama wanted something, he made sure nothing passed or even was put to a vote.

Healthcare? Nothing!
Veteran care? Nothing!
Civil rights for anyone? Nothing!

That is their platform.

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4. Republican veils wear thin...

As it’s been said, patriotism (or masquerading in it) is the last refuge of a scoundrel. “Godliness,” too, and riding those twin deceptive horses has served the Republican Party well for decades. So when Trump literally hugs a flag or holds a bible, the imagery resonates with his base...

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8. I just don't get it

I was in Kindergarten and knew Nixon was a POS (we seriously had debates about it on the bus on the way to school),

 :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

in my teenage years knew Reagen was full of shit. I have had nonstop heartburn since my young adult years when Nwet and company were complete scumbags, knew W was going to be a disaster ...

But, in my life I have known SO many otherwise smart, decent and good people who lap up right wing bullshit with a ladle.

And they just keep getting worse, are completely hypocritical and inconsistent, just bumbling around from day to day screaming whatever might get people worked up.

In the late 90s they fought Clinton every step of the way when he was trying to deal with Islamic terrorists, and their way of trying to slag on him for his successfully interceding in the Ukrain was to scream about how we should not be doing nation building.

In great part because W didn't take it seriously, 9-11 happens,

they gin themselves up to blame it on Clinton despite it happening on Ws watch and then bully the country into trying to nation build Iraq, which was an epic disaster.

But, the problem is, the country N E V E R holds them accountable ...

While some of the jackasses who were part of January 6 will get convicted and face justice, they will never own their end of it.

It is truly hopeless until this country BROADLY recognizes how ****ing power hungry, corrupt and dangerous these ****ers are and punish them dearly, not just once cycle, not just two, but for decades at the ballots.

But, because this country just can't stop with indulging their childishness and ****wittery, I hold out little hope this happens.


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9. The Germans couldn't stop the Nazis in the 1930's. America will not stop the Republican/Nazis in the

2022 and 2024 elections. Enjoy this brief period of democracy before things take a much darker turn.


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10. It's DIVISIVE, Not "Devicive". Please Make a Note Of It.

It's that Republicans want to DIVIDE (DIVIDE > DIVISVE) - that's the word you really wanted to use, and the correct rendering of it.

I don't think that you wanted to imply that Republicans always use devices, like cell phones, etc... (DEVICE > DEVICIVE). And besides, "devicive" is not a real word, anyway. It doesn't exist.

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Propaganda against republicans is a greater threat than republicans.

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The only way to uphold democracy is to start to ban parties which we don't like; then we'll have the perfect democracy with the extreme-left and the far-left taking turns in power...

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The R party is a far greater threat to democracy than any foreign power

when your definition of "democracy" is to alter election rules so that everyone is automatically registered to vote, automatically gets a mail in ballot without any ID or signature verification, refusal to purge the voter records of dead or ineligible voters, when you refuse to investigate accusations of ballot count misconduct, or seek to silence the voice of those individuals who question how an election is conducted,  then I would say your definition of the word "threat" is inaccurate.
Biden is an illegitimate President.  Change my mind.

Police lives matter.

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