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Topics I'd like to find on DU ...
« on: June 02, 2021, 01:24:27 PM »
1. Biden saying "Black entrepreneurs are as just as capable as white people but they don't have lawyers and accountants."

2. Kamala Harris not visiting the border ... even up to today.

3. Why no one is blaming 2 MAJOR hacking incidents on Biden/Harris.

4. The former BLM leader in Minnesota who quit the cult and is laying it all out there for any to see.

5. The BLM co-founder who has spent $3MM on houses and the other one who spent $200k in donations.

6. What the Biden/Harris administration is doing about the Cuomo coverup and scandal.

7. What the Biden/Harris administration is doing about the Whitmer coverup and scandal.

8. What the Biden/Harris administration is doing about race relations.

9. What is going to be the blame when gas prices surge even more now that Biden has stopped the leases in ANWAR.

10. (On Edit) What is the Biden administration going to do with all these Fauci emails?  The ones saying the masks don't work, etc.?

Feel free to add to the list, and if you can find any of those at the DUmp, please bring them over.

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Re: Topics I'd like to find on DU ...
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2021, 02:01:03 PM »
-Here's a list of the times we were misled about Trump's 'scandals'.

-Here's a list of the times we were misled about police killings.

-Here's a list of Trump's foreign peace deals.

-The democratic party has a disconcerting tendency towards authoritarianism.

-Cenk Uygur is an idiot.

-Why did a feminist journal think a satirical re-write of Mein Kampf was worthy of publication?

-'Assault rifles' aren't the problem.

-Here's how voter ID laws are not like Jim Crow.

-Do foreign adversaries see Biden as weak?

-Here's why it's wrong to compare ANTIFA to soldiers who fought in WWII.

-The false equivalence of comparing Hamas with the Israeli government.

-Bernie is a sellout.

-Here's why 'cancel culture' is bad and will come back to bite us.

-Did you know the only intentional killing at the Capitol protest was a protestor killed by security?

-How is "DeathSantis"/Florida doing so well?

-Why does anyone still listen to Rachel Maddow?

-Why are people leaving the democratic party/states?

-Can we expect more bad stuff as we get rid of police?

-Are no-go zones like CHAZ/CHOP a bad idea?

-Re: Kyle Rittenhouse- Is this "you're next" thing a disturbing sign?
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