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A possible cure to the hiccicups

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It's just my experience so....

M&Ms...not the ones with peanuts just the simple ones.

The basic thing is to just twirl them around and not chew them.

Isn't that the same as holding your breath?

The breath holding always works for me.  It might take a few tries.

I don't know, I have a problem sometimes with hiccups.

I've tried to hold my breath, for me it's not worked.

recently I have tried other things and failed.

This is early on for me but so far it seems to work out well.

And if it does not work out it's just candy, right?

Holding your breath drink 9 little sips of water and one big one.

My old country doctor taught me that years ago and it works.

My daughter and I used to get hiccups all of the time. I would take a spoon full of peanut butter and give it to her or eat it myself to cure hiccups. That always seemed to work for us.


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