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Dick Van Dyke: My Mystery Illness Was Caused by Dental Implants



--- Quote ---Dick Van Dyke: My Mystery Illness Was Caused by Dental Implants

Dick Van Dyke says that the mystery health condition he had in April -- previously thought to be a neurological disorder -- was from his titanium dental implants.

Case closed! Doctors looked for a problem in Dick Van Dyke's brain when he complained of head pain in April, but as it turns out, they should have been looking in his mouth. On Thursday, May 30, the 87-year-old Diagnosis: Murder actor revealed on Twitter that his mystery illness -- previously described by his rep as a neurological problem -- was actually a side effect from some earlier dental work.

"It seems that my titanium dental implants are the cause of my head pounding," he tweeted. "Has anyone else experienced this?"
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Anyone have titanium dental implants?

Why, yes! Yes, of course!

Lurch sports a set, now that you mention it.


--- Quote from: Eupher on June 01, 2013, 03:03:22 PM ---Why, yes! Yes, of course!

Lurch sports a set, now that you mention it.

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Why Yes, I can think of more then a few.     

Very close family member had a tooth pulled and received a dry socket.   Anyone ever had one knows the pain that will cause.    Her dentist went on vacation and stubborn her waited for him to come home.

Some of the smartest people I know can become total idiots at times.     The dentist came home and fixed her right up, then a few weeks later she began to get boils in her mouth and inside her southern regions.    Heck of a mess, her doctor was flummoxed had no idea what was going on. 

The boils were spreading down her throat and she was in agony.    Fortunately the doctor's partner had just returned from SO. America and was astounded to see the very disease she had was Called the Brazilion Fire..

Where the heck does one get this disease in NH   ??????

I to this day believe it came from the pulled tooth and the instruments of her doctor not being properly sterilised.

Last 6 weeks or so news of a dentist that infected hundreds of his patients hit the news. 
the dentist was treating Aids patients and the State welfare people and had not one working autoclave in working condition.   When one gets a cavity fixed the drill will spit out pieces of bone etc and you need to wash out your mouth.   

If the drill is not changed from patient to patient then you ingest what ever the last patient was afflicted with.

Most of us with TATS watch to see if the Artist is taking the needles from sealed packets, clean and sterile. BUT, how many of us have any idea whose mouth the instruments were in at a dentists office ???     

Whoa! Thanks a lot for sharing this information here. I am planning to get dental implants this month and I know a very good dentist Hermosa Beach who is simply amazing. I am sure my treatment is going to be very successful. I just wanted to know how it is going to be like.


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