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Cholesterol-Diet and Lifestyle Support Therapy


A Nutritional therapy plan:

1. Cholesterol in food like eggs isn't a culprit. Research from Kansas State University shows eating eggs in moderation has little impact on blood cholesterol levels. Eggs are a whole foods, with phosphatides to balance the cholesterol. The big contributor to high blood cholesterol levels is saturated fat and over-eating. Focus instead on plant foods like red yeast rice ( good results). Vegetarians who occasionally eat eggs and small amounts of low fat dairy are at the lowest risk for arterial or heart disease.
2.Still the key to lower cholesterol:reduce bad fats add daily dietary fiber. Reduce sugar to lower triglycerides.
3.Foods that lower bad cholesterol: soy foods (isoflavones), olive oil (research shows adults who consume 2 TBS of extra virgin olive a day for just one week has less LDL bad cholesterol oxidation), walnuts, avocados, yams, whole grains like oats, high fiber fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, onions, green tea, beans, yogurt and cultured foods. Best Shiitake mushrooms.
4. Substantially reduce or avoid animal fats, red meat, fried foods, fatty dairy foods, salty foods, refined foods. Reduce or eliminate sugar and carbohydrates which elevate insulin levels, another high cholesterol culprit.
5. Eat smaller meals,especially at night. A little wine with dinner reduces stress and raises HDL's(good cholesterol).

Lifestyle bodywork support:

1.Reduce your body weight. Many overweight people have abnormal metabolism today. If you are 10 pounds overweight, your body produces an extra 100mg of cholesterol everyday.
2.Exercise is preventative medicine for cholesterol. Even if you cut your fat, you need to exercise to lower your LDL's. Take a brisk daily walk or other regular aerobic exercise of your choice to enhance circulation and boost HDL.
3.Eliminate tobacco use of all kinds. Nicotine raises cholesterol levels.
4. Practice a favorite stress reduction technique at least once a day. There is a correlation between high cholesterol and aggression. Men who are the most emotionally repressive have the highest cholesterol levels.
NOTE:If you're taking statin drugs to lower your cholesterol  , know that they may interact with antioxidant supplements (like vitamin C and E). In one recent test, combination of antioxidants and statin drugs caused protective HDL levels to drop by 22%.If you are taking statin drugs, don't forget to take COQ-10.

By Linda Page Ph D. &

But sometime it's simply genetics as with Thor. Eats what he wants and little exercise and has great cholesterol.


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