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About ten days ago, I came down with a really bad cold, and then about eight days ago, I lost my voice.

The cold sort of lingers, in a much-diminished state, but the voicelessness is as bad as it has ever been, no let-up.

I saw the physician six days ago, but wasn't paying attention.  After he explained it was viral (which I needed to know, given the Thanksgiving pneumonia had been bacterial), and told me I was doing all the right things, I didn't pay attention to the rest of the stuff he told me; "listening" fatigue.

I don't seem him again until next Friday (January 30), about something else, and at any rate, there's too much damned snow, snow all over the place, mountains of snow, to bother with going anywhere, unless something's life-threatening, which this isn't.

This voicelessness is rather annoying.

It's an utter voicelessness.  The throat is dry, and so it's not congestion.

Does anyone have any ideas about simple applications of things that might ameliorate it?  With just the common household items generally found in common household cupboards (I don't want to plough out to the grocery store in town)?

For the record, I've done nothing special for this voicelessness, only the usual standard things for the cold itself (gallons of orange juice and water, light diet, 12-16 hours a day in bed, light reading, the occasional aspirin, the occasional Vapo-Rub)--but maybe it's time for me to get "pro-active" about the voicelessness.

It's definitely hampering me.

Sounds rough, Frank.  The only thing I've ever done to restore a voice is rest it, but it sounds as if you already have that covered.    Maybe gargle with some warm salt water, or drink some tea with honey and lemon?

Zicam throat spray may help shorten the duration??  Tastes like crap, but works/ed for me.

Hey Frank,

If you have tea tree, 3 drops in water or licorice root tea or Lemon and salt squeezed down throat 2x pretty good. Also Alacer EMERGEN-C in water. Get them at Wal-mart if you have one there.

Get Well Soon.


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