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What is your favorite Movie?

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La Revolution francaise, from 1989, the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, has surely got to be the very best movie ever made in the history of cinema, but for some reason the movie didn't do well.

Waterloo, from 1970, nothing beats watching the British beat somebody excepting of course us.

Lawrence of Arabia, from 1962.

Just about every and all versions of War and Peace, although the various BBC productions (there's been many) stand out.  The 1972 BBC version, part 11, where Napoleon has a conference with the chief of his secret service concerning a proposed invasion of Russia, has surely got to be one of the most gripping scenes in cinemadom.

Napoleon, from 2002, apparently a continuation of La Revolution francaise.

Ralph Wiggum:
Many films.  Comedy, perhaps "Blazing Saddles".  It depends on my mood.  Lots of Hitchcock movies & oldies that are fantastic.

TV - Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos.  To start with.

I own over 400 Movies.

Here is a partial list of shows I very much liked,

They Were Expendable

Fright Night


Band of Brothers (Mini-series)

Stargate SG1 (10 years)

Lawrence of Arabia

The Changeling (1979 Genie award winner)


John Adams (Mini-series)

Rome (Mini-series)

King Arthur

The Batman Trilogy (Nolan)

The Martian

Sense and Sensibility

Pride and Prejudice (1995 BBC)

Das Boot

Monseiur Verdoux

Once upon a time in the West

Barry Lyndon

Lonesome Dove


Breaking Away


The Lion in the Desert



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