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am not getting it, and driving me nuts that I'm not


This is driving me nuts; it doesn’t make any difference how many times I’ve played and replayed this segment, nor the volume or any other settings.  I even jam my head against the screen of the computer monitor, jam the headsets into the sides of my head, but I don’t “get it,” what she said.

It vexes me to no end, because this appears to be the only part of the whole six-hour long (in three parts) movie that I don’t grasp.

I’m not asking anyone to watch this whole two-hour segment—oh God no, even though it’d be worth it—but please open this, and when the red line starts moving along the bottom of the screen, jerk it to 31:34, where the two women, Vanessa Redgrave and Ursula Andress and are emerging from a doorway.

The dialogue:

Vanessa Redgrave: Well, you have it the way you wanted it, two tsars.
Ursula Andress: Two live tsars.
Vanessa Redgrave: Don’t threaten me.
Ursula Andress: How can I threaten you?  You’re the regent.
Vanessa Redgrave: Your son……………………………………..
Ursula Andress: God’s Will be done.

What was the rest of the next-to-the-last line?  Damn it.

Your son will bring me back


--- Quote from: freedumb2003b on January 14, 2017, 06:44:04 AM ---Your son will bring me back

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This was really driving me nuts.


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