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Any quality kid's TV?


I need some good shows for my little brother. Well actually he's my big brother's girlfriend's little sister's son that my mom and I babysit, but family goes beyond blood. He's 4, and we only have him 3 days a week, so I want his time with me to be as impactful as possible so he grows up with a brain.   His family doesn't do shit with him, my mom and brother are a couple of liberal sheeple teaching him to trust a government they don't even trust, preschool with Common Core goes without saying, and cartoons on nowadays are either crude and brain-damaging or so leftist I literally cringe. Any good conservative/libertarian/anything but socialist suggestions? Dx

Big Dog:
Reruns of COPS.

All day, every day.

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Four?  How about starting with reading and arithmetic?


--- Quote from: Chris_ on October 07, 2015, 01:46:21 PM ---Four?  How about starting with reading and arithmetic?

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Yeah, and when he's gotten beyond Dick and Jane, let him shit all over Common Core. (Have him do it outside so there isn't a mess in front of the TV).  :-)

No point in reading and arithmetic if he grows up a liberal sheeple dumbass who won't do shit with his life anyways. xD Besides, kid already has that stuff down.


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