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Hello. I'm MontyPython. I've noticed a couple names here who might remember me (Ptarmigan & Sunsettommy) - I've been a regular at RightNation since day one, so that amounts to more than 15 years. I still spend most of my time online there, but I've been looking around this site for a few days and see some promising-looking stuff. Mind if I drop in once in a while? For those of you who DON'T know me, perhaps a few personal details might be in order:

I'm a genuine neanderthal when it comes to cyber-savvy, LOL. It's utterly useless trying to talk technical computer stuff with me. I couldn't tell you the difference between "uploading" and "downloading", and have no idea how to do either one. To me, cookies are sweet treats and a mouse is an annoying rodent. A cursor is somebody who swears a lot. You get the idea. I don't even own a cell-phone and wouldn't want one even if you tried to give me one for free. For me one of the joys of leaving the house is getting away from that damn telephone that never seems to stop ringing.

I used to ride in an outlaw motorcycle club and used to be the front-man in a rock-n-roll band. I'm now retired from both.

I'm a liberal. Now wait! Before you recoil in horror: I'm a classic liberal, which means I'm NOT what passes for a "liberal" these days. You know, the leftist, progressive, socialist, Democrat @$$wipes who call themselves "liberals" these days. In fact, I probably hate those people even more than any of you do, because they're the ones who have turned "liberal" into a dirty word. But the fact remains that I am indeed a liberal, so I'm guessing if I do stick around I'll probably run into plenty of disagreement on several subjects.

I'm a huge Trump fan. I voted for him very reluctantly in 2016, and only did so because I just can't think of a worse piece of slime than Hillary Clinton. But Trump has really impressed me, and I will be voting for him very enthusiastically in 2020.

OK, that's enough to start with.



The cattle prods are out for calibration, but for now ...




"I shot this cute video of my grandson at his birthday party.  I will send it to this website so that my friends and family can see it."



"My dad shot a cute video of my son at his birthday party, and sent it to a website.  I'm going to take a copy to keep in my own computer, and eventually add to the clips for his graduation or wedding DVD."

Thanks for the welcome Maverick, Pete, & XGI. I still have a lot of looking around to do before diving in anywhere, but as anybody who used to frequent RightNation can testify, I'm anything but bashful, LOL. I'm curious, any other former RN members here besides Ptarmigan & Sunsettommy?

By the way, it was Sunsettommy who suggested I check this place out.



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