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Remember the grief Ted Cruz got when he took his family to mexico during an ice storm in Texas?  Newscum extends the state of "emergency" in the state then flees with family to mexico to stay at a $29k a night resort.

A key question remains: Who paid for this vacation?

The Globe has received several photos and a now-removed Tweet from sources who were in Cabo San Lucas in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur over Thanksgiving at the same time California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his family vacationed.

The sources said the Newsoms stayed nearby at a $23,000 to $29,000 per night villa, La Datcha Cabo San Lucas villa, owned by Russian entrepreneur and businessman Oleg Tinkov. The sources said from their rental they could see the 10,000 to 12,000 square foot villa, and said it comes with two chefs, four to five servers, personal trainers, and the like.

Governor Newsom just extended California’s COVID  State of Emergency into its second year, and recently ordered all students ages 5-11 to receive vaccinations in order to attend in-person school. Mask mandates and vaccine requirements are still in place.

“It’s no wonder that Newsom has decided to escape his own draconian mandates in favor of Mexico for a week-long Thanksgiving vacation,” Ric Grenell recently wrote at the Globe. “And yet this is not the first time Newsom has blatantly disregarded his own rules. He issues Emergency Orders for the people but vacations in Mexico like life is back to normal.”

when the governors press office was contacted about who paid for the trip, they replied with alot of tap dancing without concrete answers and at one point said that the governor didnt even stay at the resort despite pictures from sources onsite...

The question is, at $29,000 per night for the holiday rate, did Gov. Newsom pay for it? If not, who picked up the tab for the $203,000 week-long stay at La Datcha Cabo San Lucas vacation villa for the Newsoms? Was it a gift?

Newsom was paid $209,747 in 2020 as Governor of California.

The Globe contacted the governor’s press office midday on Tuesday and asked:

“The California Globe is preparing to report on the governor’s recent vacation. Can you tell us whether the governor paid for his vacation villa himself. If not, who did?”

We heard back from the governor’s press secretary late in the day: “Katy – This was a personal trip paid for by the family.”

The Globe has no reason to doubt the word of the press secretary. But “by the family” is an intriguingly crafted answer, especially when one’s family members include prominent Californians whose surnames are Brown, Pelosi and Getty.

The Globe replied to the press secretary asking, “Thank you for your reply Erin. What family paid for this?”

After the article published, Governor Newsom’s Press Secretary Erin Mellon emailed and said, “The Newsom family.”

She called the Globe and again said “the Newsom family” paid for the villa in Cabo. We asked “What Newsoms?” She finally said, “The governor… paid for it for a personal trip.”


The sources said they were staying in Pedregal (near Cabo) and were nearby La Datcha Cabo San Lucas. They were there for Thanksgiving and to sport fish. They said one night the Newsom’s had some locals over doing a fire show as entertainment.

The source said the fire entertainment was loud, so he posted on Twitter to Gov. Newsom and the First Partner: “How’s the fire show at your compound in Cabo? Watching you from 4 houses over and you and the staff are not wearing masks.”

The source said that within 3 minutes of his Tweet, the lights at the Newsom compound went off and the fire show was over. The source took down the Tweet shortly thereafter.

just like his unmasked dinner at the ritzy french laundry restaurant during his statewide lockdown, this vacation shows how out of touch newscum is with the people he supposedly serves.
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