Author Topic: Susan Sarandon criticized for saying US Jews 'getting taste of what it feels to  (Read 491 times)

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Susan Sarandon criticized for saying US Jews 'getting taste of what it feels to be Muslim'
Actress Susan Sarandon is facing criticism for saying at a recent pro-Palestinian rally that US Jews fearing for their safety amid a spike in antisemitism “are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country.”

Sarandon has been intensely critical of Israel throughout the war, repeatedly posting accusations of genocide, atrocities and war crimes by Israel; sharing misinformation denying elements of Hamas’s massacres in Israeli communities; and characterizing Hamas as a “resistance organization” and not a terror group.

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1. What an appallingly tone-deaf thing for that ridiculous woman to say.

Seems to me that Jewish people have a pretty good understanding of how it feels to be persecuted.

madaboutharry (39,607 posts)
5. During the 2016 election, she wanted Trump to win because she was convinced it would spark a revolution.

She is an anarchist. She is also an antisemite who sees Jews as an obstacle to her revolutionary aspirations

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9. I wonder if Ms Sarandon would like

To experience a taste of being Jewish?

Same shit, different century...

Guess what DUmmies?? She is one of you!!!  She would fit in at the DUmp.

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DUmmies have a huge problem. All these clowns marching with rainbow and that madeup palestinian flag are ALL leftists. The ones spray painting anti-semitic slogans are also leftists. The ones attacking Jews are also leftists.

Pseudostinians are a problem everywhere they go. They didn't manifest from the deserts of the Levant. They're Jordanians, Egyptians, and Saudis. They tried to overthrow the monarchy of Jordan in the 60's and 70's. Google Black September. They then went to Lebanon, which was a majority Christian nation and turned it into a shithole base of operations for terrorists. Once the Pearl of the Med. Hell, a third of the population of Kuwait was comprised of them before the Gulf War. They sided with Saddam and worked with his forces to overthrow the Kuwaiti government. After the war, the Kuwaitis evicted every damn one of them. There's a reason the Rafah gate is closed between Egypt and Gaza. The Pseudostinians are the genital warts of the middle east.
NAMBLA is a left-wing organization.

There's a reason why patriotism is considered a conservative value. Watch a Tea Party rally and you'll see people proudly raising the American flag and showing pride in U.S. heroes such as Thomas Jefferson. Watch an OWS rally and you'll see people burning the American flag while showing pride in communist heroes such as Che Guevera. --Bob, from some news site

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She’s just another dumb hollyweird scrunt that should be laughed off of social media. :thatsright: :loser:
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She’s just another dumb hollyweird scrunt that should be laughed off of social media. :thatsright: :loser:

Has-been attention whore, just whoring for attention.  :whatever:
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Who are the primitives trying to kid? The overwhelming majority of them agree with her.

Because third world peasant labor is a good thing.

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14. What's her DU handle?

Buried in the replies.
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