Author Topic: Has anyone noticed that your appointments for medical procedures have been month  (Read 379 times)

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debm55 (13,236 posts)

Has anyone noticed that your appointments for medical procedures have been months away. I went to my regular doctor in

July, and complained about numbness in my spine and left leg. He sends me for a test Electo procedure--two months away. I get the results back. The tests showed the results as being abnormal. My Doctor says I need to see a neurologist. I saw a NP and not a doctor. I was told that I have to have scans done on my spine and pelvic nerves---in January. Mean while , I am falling, and find it difficult to walk. I asked the woman if I could get it done sooner, She told me that it was BCBS and Medicare that are delaying the tests. Does anyone know if this is true? Is anyone experiencing a delay in medical procedures? Thanks, Debbie.

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And all these delays started after Obama screwed up the health care system. Doctor's are so busy doing the required documentation they have less time to see patients... especially specialists.
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Yes, I couldn’t get a regular appointment less than a month out. I might as well say my regular doctor is urgent care.

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They fell for the shit sandwich that is obama care. And with millions of illegals using the system it’s in overload.

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Hypochondriac much? If you are truly sick, go to your nearest emergency care center. They're abundant in decent sized cities.
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