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Russia resorts to massive Soviet-era bombs as Ukrainian air defenses prove a match for missiles, drones

The Russian military has resorted to dropping massive Soviet-era bombs in an effort to circumvent Ukrainian air defenses that have proven more than a match for long range missiles and drones.

Ukrainian investigators have increasingly found instances of Russia dropping older bombs, some around 1,100 pounds. The low-tech explosives easily circumvent modern air defenses like the U.S.-made Patriot missile systems that are designed to counter long-range missiles and drones.

Russia's bombs, resurrected from Cold War-era ordnance stashes, have two major advantages over missiles in that they have no propulsion system for air defenses to track, and they remain airborne for barely a minute.

There are a couple of things missing from this report. First, long-range missiles and "smart bombs" are what are commonly called "stand-off weapons". That means that the aircraft can hit the target without flying over the target. Thus, if the Orcs are resorting to "dumb" or "iron" bombs, the aircraft dropping them have to fly into the anti-air defenses "smart" weapons would allow the aircraft to avoid.

Second, Putin's second invasion of Ukraine is ~15 months old. The orcs have been expending their long range missiles and "smart bombs" like water. Thus, Russia's stock of these weapons are much depleted, and use of "dumb" munitions may, to some extent, be because that is what Russia has left.
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