Author Topic: This man just wanted to pet dogs for his 100th birthday. About 200 showed up.  (Read 447 times)

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Once in a great while, a wonderful story appears and it's worth telling. Lots of pics at the link.

When a man turns 100, he's entitled to make some reasonable requests. A glass of scotch. An episode of Wheel of Fortune. Whatever he wants, you try and give it to him.

So when Dr. Robert Moore hit his centennial and wanted to pet some dogs, it was only natural that his family would work to make it happen.

Apparently the entire city of San José felt the same way:

Six days before the celebration, Alison Moore posted on the neighborhood networking site Nextdoor, as well as Facebook, explaining her idea and asking for dogs in San Jose, Calif., to stop by for a pet parade on June 17. People started sharing her post in other local groups on social media.

"We live in a nice little community, and I thought I could get some of my neighbors and friends to come," said Alison Moore, adding that she planned for her father to sit outside her home with a banner, and assemble a small line of dogs for him to admire and cuddle.

Did the neighborhood turn out in style? Did they ever!

The man held court while his poochly admirers came up for pets. Best birthday ever.

Some of these doggos rolled up in true style.

There was a Corgi present at one point. You love to see a Corgi with their little square butts.

Looks like most of the dogs got around to signing the birthday boy's card.

Local pooch Ryder, meanwhile, has the last and the best word:

Happy birthday indeed, Mr. Moore!
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