Author Topic: Musk Says 'Enough Is Enough'. Buys 9% Of Twitter  (Read 3146 times)

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Re: Musk Says 'Enough Is Enough'. Buys 9% Of Twitter
« Reply #50 on: January 27, 2023, 08:49:40 PM »
BREAKING: Russian bot tracker implicating 644 accounts as disinformation was a 'scam': Twitter Files

Hamilton 68, which claimed to be "a new tool to track Russian disinformation on Twitter," was nothing more than a scam used to implicate the accounts of regular people who had opinions that the Democrat left and their complicit partners in media didn't like.

In the latest Twitter Files, dropped by Matt Taibbi on Friday, it was revealed that Hamilton 68 was a "scam." "Instead of tracking how “Russia” influenced American attitudes, Hamilton 68 simply collected a handful of mostly real, mostly American accounts, and described their organic conversations as Russian scheming," Taibbi wrote.

Hamilton 68 created a list of 644 Twitter accounts that they claimed could "directly attribute to the Russian, Chinese, or Iranian governments or their various news and information channels." They said they would not provide the list outright because that would give these governments a chance to take the accounts down and create new ones to fill that space.

The bots that tracked Russian disinformation is a scam. The bots are actual people.
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