Author Topic: Judge Strikes Down Law That Penalizes ‘Inducing’ Illegal Immigration  (Read 13867 times)

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Judge Strikes Down Law That Penalizes ‘Inducing’ Illegal Immigration

A federal judge in Kansas who formerly worked for an open-borders group and whose sister currently heads one of the nation’s leading open-borders groups has struck down a federal law that prevents people from “encouraging” or “inducing” illegal immigration, finding that the measure unconstitutionally infringes First Amendment free speech protections.

The jurist in this case is Judge Carlos Murguia of the U.S. District Court of Kansas, who was appointed to the bench by former President Bill Clinton in 1999.

A judge who worked for an open-borders group should recused himself.

The judge should have recused himself from the case, Horowitz wrote. He noted that Murguia’s sister, Mary Murguia, is a judge in the 9th Circuit who, at one time, recused herself from a trial involving pro-enforcement Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, because her sister was president of La Raza.
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