Author Topic: Is it worthwhile to have an investigation, if there is no accountability?  (Read 148 times)

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Is it worthwhile to have an investigation, if there is no accountability?

Does it really matter if Kevin McCarthy puts anyone on the Select Committee?

After all the witnesses are called and all the facts are gathered, will people be charged?

Will the truth suffice without accountability?

Do you believe anyone will be charged after the facts are known?

Are we to accept that Congressmen and President are exempt from the laws of this country?

Should there be jury trials?

Or would it be too divisive, and better to just move forward?

Should these questions even be raised?


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2. I'm with you Kentuck,

if anyone criticizes Democrats for not doing more he/she gets in trouble. It is beyond my comprehension why our DOJ did not intervene in the Arizona fraudit. A private Qanon company was given access to ballots and election equipment and election/voter information. Federal election laws are being broken and nothing is done. The outcome of this fraudit (and they want to do them in other states) is to decertify the results of the Arizona presidential election. Well guess what that will do, it will further incite the insurrectionists to do it again, or to do other forms of violence against Democrats.

I am just as frustrated as you Kentuck. I hear the select committee is talking about making changes to the Electoral College system to make it harder to cheat in the election. That is all well and good if they can get that passed, but I'm with you, priority #1 should be holding people accountable for an insurrection. Who authorized tours of the Capitol to insurrectionists? Who disabled the panic buttons on Congressional desks? Were members of Congress complicit in the insurrection? Was MF45 complicit?

Without holding people accountable the ongoing insurrection just gathers more steam.


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3. Yes the question should be asked. After that I guess

It's up to the DOJ to determine accountability and us plain folks to determine our outrage for a change. I say prosecute to the max cause I'm a law and order guy.

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21. Looking forward is what got us here. Playing nice is what got us here.

They stole 2000 with hardly a fight from our side. Personally, I'll always question Ohio 2004, too. Then we looked forward on Bush's crimes. Not holding repubs accountable is our MO & it's emboldened them.

I can hardly stand to listen to Nicole Wallace, The Lincoln Project, & other disaffected republicans cry about what happened to their party. Excuse the **** out of me, but the trajectory of the Republican Party has been clear for decades.

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It's always the same pedantic crap with these mutts. They have wet dreams of a GOP President being hauled off to prison but it hasn't happen yet and won't anytime soon. They really need to get over themselves because frankly it's boring. :yawn:
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Is it worthwhile to have an investigation if democrats think they already know all the answers?

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Is it worthwhile to have an investigation if democrats think they already know all the answers?

Is it worthwhile to have an investigation if it might produce the wrong result?

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Is it worthwhile to have an investigation, if there is no accountability?

Going by Slo Joe and his boy, no.
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