Author Topic: VIDEO: Capitol Police Make Highly Selective Enforcement Against Demonstrations  (Read 31 times)

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This is a tale of two demonstrations. And the reactions by the Capitol Police towards the demonstrators, all on the left, reveals how that law enforcement agency has become in reality the Political Police. Early in August, AOC and Cori Bush led a supposed  demonstration on the Capitol steps against lifting the moratorium on housing evictions. It was strictly phony performance art since everybody knew the Supreme Court would not allow that the moratorium to remain. Basically, it was an approved controlled opposition on the part of the Democrat leadership which allowed the #FraudSquad to keep their leftist street creds. Despite the fact that the #FraudSquad used bullhorns and played extremely loud music to drown out any embarrassing questions, they were NOT arrested. This is in stark contrast to the politicized Capitol Police arresting on September 5 another group of leftists, who are not part of the controlled opposition (i.e. not paid off yet), for using bullhorns and wearing bandanas (no kidding!) on the Capitol steps.

See, only controlled demonstrations by leftists, such as the #FraudSquad and Beach House Bernie, who have been bought off by the Democrat establishment are allowed by the Capitol Political Police. All other demonstrations, mean arrest because the demonstrators are not on the approved corrupted list.