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NY state ballot proposals demonstrate how badly Dems have misjudged public sentiments

... One of the bigger talking points among Democrats this year on the national level has been the “urgent need” to pass voting reform legislation, or at least what they’re choosing to call “reform” in this matter. They are seeking to overhaul the way America votes, including doing away with voter ID laws everywhere, normalizing mass mail-in voting, and removing almost all limits on the voter registration process. ...
The other three proposals, however, targeted some of the Democratic priorities I mentioned above. ...

Proposal 1 would change the way that the redistricting process is handled, effectively shutting out the minority (the Republicans) from the process and allowing the majority Democrats to gerrymander the maps to their heart’s content in perpetuity. Proposal 3 would eliminate the current requirement for all voters to register at least ten days prior to an election and institute same-day registration, adding to the already chaotic nature of New York’s elections. Finally, Proposal 4 would permit unlimited, “no-excuse” absentee voting. This would make permanent the chaos we experienced in the 2020 elections with mountains of write-in ballots clogging the system and leading to massive delays in determining some election outcomes.
Proposal 1 – the gerrymandering scheme – was defeated by an incredible 80-19 margin. ...

Proposal 3, attempting to remove the ten-day registration window, did slightly better. But it was still defeated by a 57-42 margin. The Democrats clearly couldn’t even get all of their own voters behind it. And the final measure, proposal 4, instituting permanent mass mail-in voting, went down by a similar measure, 56-43.

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