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Blower Strap Possible?
« on: November 13, 2016, 05:54:45 PM »

I purchased this blower for my 76 year old neighbor, a lady.

I do her leaf blowing when I am able to but there are times that I am away and can't get to it.

I helped her to learn to use it today but the problem is it gets too heavy for her after a little while.
(Almost an acre of land with a ton of oak trees)

What I would like to do is to attach a shoulder strap to the blower to take the strain off?

If possible, looking at the pictures .. do you think that doing the strap is possible?
(That tiny hole at the front is where you insert a small screw-driver to release the blower tube)


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Re: Blower Strap Possible?
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2016, 08:52:58 AM »
I'll be straight, for older folks, the electric stuff is a better option. Not cordless, those are worthless.
An extension cord reel is easier to handle. As you get older, patience must replace brawn so dragging the cord around becomes the better alternative, as much as it's a PITA. Even if you have to chain 2 of them together to get where you are going.
I have a 150ft extension cord reel that weighs probably 10 pounds and it's very easy to reel back up and deal with. This is what my dad is doing now.

If you insist on using the gas model, my first inclination would be to look for a single point tactical sling. It would be enough to take the weight off of her arm. It might require putting a stud somewhere in the plastic for an attach point, you would have to experiment with some tape or something until you found the right center of gravity, or at least the point that allows the most freedom of movement.
If this point ends up being in the handle area, that would be ideal and you could simply use velcro straps and improvise from there... and even sew the sling to the velcro strap.

This may not be what you are needing, and I'm all but certain anything like this that you do will be somewhat awkward, but the photos might spark other ideas for you.