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Islam is no different than a cockroach infestation

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Figured I'd post it here and sticky it as well since many people may not venture into the political ammunition section.

I saw O'reilly interview a Brit who headed up a protest group that is calling muslims for what they are.


--- Quote from: obumazombie on June 10, 2013, 03:31:34 PM ---I saw O'reilly interview a Brit who headed up a protest group that is calling muslims for what they are.

--- End quote ---

Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defense League.,87356.0.html

^Well done sir !

The Muslims started infiltrating every free country in the world not soon before 9/11 with the intent of infiltration and progression of their agendas from within whether violently or using our own democratic process / cultural marxism against us (with the help of God knows who, apparently our own government to an extent). The only way that they can be dealt with is not through negotiations (check out Israel... lol) but with force and expulsion. Why do you think those people have been isolated in their own part of the world for the better part of recorded history with the exception of a few conquests eventually being thwarted in southern Europe? Because they have to be, their religion cannot coexist peacefully with any other (even most other Muslims). Though some have the vain attempt at an argument that "Christianity is no different". True, that the Crusades and Inquisitions resulted in the wrongful killings of thousands but that was due to the political influence Catholicism had at the time and most couldn't even read the Bible to know what was in it or the military power to argue otherwise. Also those were VERY brief periods in history. The violence that derives from Islam IS ISLAM! Our world has changed into a very different creature than ever before since these religious conflicts last took place in mass extent. Everything now is subliminal and subverted. We as a people have lost the balls and the true American grit to do as our ancestors did and metaphorically say "We're done with this s***, time to act". We wait for our corrupt and broken government to handle our issues as the holy spirit brings word from God. Shame... :stoner:


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