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Just Some Writings
« on: February 28, 2013, 04:44:31 PM »
I've been playing Star Trek Online lately and one thing I like to do is roleplay. I play an alien who is trying to become assimilated to life in Starfleet. Well recently she's been asked to step in as second in command for a fleet a friend and I are starting. I've been tasked with creating laws and the structure of this fleet. I feel like Thomas Jefferson.

Here are the Article of Ethics. They're still a work in progress since I'm waiting to see what the Admiral thinks of them. This is more in character so out of character rules will be same thing, but easier to understand.
     We the members of Task Force 626 uphold these Articles of Ethics to establish a fundamental understanding and mandate to protect the Prime Directives and Best Interests of the United Federation of Planets. We uphold our own standards according to the Article of Ethics of this sovereign Federation. These codes are based solely to provide a clearer and stricter precedent to uphold and better serve the United Federation of Planets.


I.    Complete and total adherence to the orders from the Chain of Command. Failure to adhere to the Chain of Command will be dealt with disciplinary action. This mandate is placed in regards of Task Force 626 and United Federation of Planets.

II.    Strong will. Self pity is shameful to Task Force 626. You are a soldier of the United Federation of Planets, and you have a standard to uphold.

III.    Utmost respect to all races, genders, religion, and culture. It is the sworn duty of every soldier of the United Federation of Planets to uphold and respect these requests. Such intolerance will be dealt with appropriate forms of discipline.

IV.    Regarding Fraternization. This mandate is set into place to emphasize that all members of Task Force 626 keep all emotional and personal bonds to be eloquently tasteful and not displayed in public. All illegal actions precedent through the United Federation of Planets and local governments are fully enforced regarding fraternization. Should Federal and Local Laws be broken immediate termination of membership is invoked. You have been warned.

V.    Disciplinary concerns and actions are to be submitted to any officials in Task Force 626 for consideration. Should any action be taken place Task Force 626 will have a tribunal form of action. The accused is permissible to have a legal defender in their stead. The accuser is permissible to have a legal prosecutor for their claims. Judgment will come from three neutral parties not related to the matter at hand. A unanimous decision must be made within 72 hours after the accuser and accused have presented all evidence and defenses to the court. Should a decision not be made within the allotted time, the accuser and accused will submit all claims to a supreme court of justice according to however the United Federation of Planets sees fit.

Article 4 is about this thing called ERP. Erotic Roleplay. People will do it even if you tell them not to. Pretty much telling them if you do it keep it private, and you will obey all laws both the Terms of Service and Federal Laws and State laws where ever you live. I want to see this fleet survive so you gotta keep this stuff controlled you know?