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Battle of Zenta and Vienna (September 11)


On September 11, 1697 in Zenta, which is in present day Serbia, Habsburg Empire and Ottoman Turks fought in a battle in the Great Turkish War. The battle is considered one of the most decisive battle in the war. In the end, 30,000 Muslims died in the war. Also, Battle of Vienna started on September 11, 1683, which mark the start of the Great Turkish War. The Great Turkish War had a profound impact on the empire that it set them back and was their downfall.

Some think Osama bin Laden chose September 11, 2001 because of Battle of Zenta and Battle of Vienna. Bin Laden is interested in creating a Muslim Empire. The Muslims feel defeated centuries later after the war.

Battle of Zenta

Battle of Vienna

Why 9/11 Occurred on September 11

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The Ottoman Empire was finally destroyed in WWI.


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